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pdf What is your CFO’s Plan for streamlining intra-group services? (Part 1)


As TPA Global successfully implements reliable solutions in this regard for clients, we would like to present to you the steps involved in accurately identifying, standardising and automating the process of recharging intercompany service costs in your organisation.

default Controversy Management After BEPS – A Unique Network Of Global Experts (2) Popular


Realizing the need of a globally spread team of local experts, TPA Global has invited a unique network of internationally renowned experts in tax litigation, mediation, arbitration to support multinationals at each step of tax risk management @ https://www.gtc-global.org

default Porter's Corner: Value Based Healthcare: the next generation (Watson vs Apple) Popular


Are you aware of the ongoing challenges in delivering value in the healthcare industry? Would you like to know more about the value chains and value creation in healthcare in addition to a new value based healthcare model? Join this informative webinar @ https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/534458695697509122

pdf The 2015 Transfer Pricing Challenge: automation of your “country-by-country” reporting Popular


Download (pdf, 186 KB)

150709_TPA Global CbC Reporting PP.pdf

Action 13 of the OECD/G20 BEPS project “Guidance on Transfer Pricing Documentation and Country by Country Reporting” can be considered to be one of the key deliverables. The action proposes to enhance transparency for tax administrations and contains revised standards for transfer pricing documentation

default A Plain English Guide to the UK Diverted Profits Tax Popular


A guide to assessing how the new UK Diverted Profit Tax, effective 1 April 2015, will apply to your UK and international operations and your UK reporting obligations.


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